Custom Murals, Artwork, & Sculptures

GSC Custom Series
GSC Custom Flag Pole Bob Poynter Seymour IN

Bob Poynter - Flag Pole Installation

Green Sign Company has done multiple different projects for Bob Poynter and one of our favorites was installing the 80-foot flagpole in their parking lot.

4th Street Bar - Custom - GSC 600 / 700 Series

This award-winning, sign design of this retro looking flag mounted sign, is located on 4th Street in downtown Columbus, IN. It is a custom shaped cabinet made from aluminum with internal steel suppor...[Read More]
GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Custom Clock

First Federal Bank - Internally Illuminated Custom Clock

This beautiful handcrafted, custom clock with dimensional graphics is internally illuminated. This clock has made a great addition to historical downtown Shelbyville, IN.

Burger Study - Custom Interior Wall Mural

The foundation of this company was started with hand painting and has lived on through the years with many of the projects we do today. Handpainting is one of the many creative specialties that we of...[Read More]